#79: Be Warned: Your Smiley Face Can Trigger My Glaring Frown

I’ve always wondered why those happy-clappy people annoy me so much. You know the type I mean. Always smiling and drooling at the joys of life.

To them, every day is a fantastic day, every thought a positive one, every mistake a learning opportunity.

I think I’ve found the answer to my irritation. Instead of cheering me up and sweeping me along in the wake of their good mood, they depress me. That’s because their gung-ho attitude and positive statements clash with my less rosy world view.

Researchers have shown that it can backfire on you to make positive statements about yourself, which you don’t really believe. I think the same happens when someone who sprouts can-do affirmations to boost his aura triggers my nonsense detector.

In other words, your happy mood and smiley face can trigger my bad mood and glaring frown. You have been warned.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.