#223: Assemble Your Team. Then Pick Their Brains

As the seasons change, men in the Northern Hemisphere begin to play with oval balls as men in the Southern Hemisphere end their season of playing with oval balls. (For those of you who follow the crazy tweets of crazy rappers about crazy friends of crazy cousins, these oval balls have nothing to do with the current virus craze.)

Actually, that statement is not quite factual. Rugby, played with an oval ball, is also popular with women players. And maybe even in America, because some women do play American football, albeit with smaller balls. Or so the Internet assures me.

Whatever. The point is that this nonsense message applies to people of all genders playing any team sport, irrespective of their ball preference.

Believe it or not, I did not play soccer (or football) in my younger days. I played rugby. I liked it because, whenever I touched the ball, I had fourteen muscled guys backing me up. If I fumbled a pass or missed a tackle, they stepped in.

Having those fourteen guys behind me made it easier for me to take the gaps that could win the game. They gave me the confidence to take the risks to succeed.

I have not heard of a rugby player having a heart attack during a game, but it seems to happen in golf. In golf, you’re on your own. The stress is yours alone. Nobody shares it, nobody backs you up. (Believe it or not, a caddy is someone who stands around waiting for odd jobs. Not someone to rely on in times of stress. Go on, look it up.)

Here’s my point. Don’t try to create success on your own. Going it alone increases your stress and decreases your tolerance for creative risk taking. Be sensible, get some help.

Assemble a team of experienced players who will push you to your limit. Then pick their brains.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.