#44: To Be a Leader, Be a Leader

So, you want to be a leader? Then be a leader. It’s that simple. However, there’s just one little problem. How do you define leadership?

Unless you are clear on what being a leader means, you cannot present yourself as a leader. Yet, the only way people will notice that you are a leader is if you act the leader.

Your boss can give you any title in the book, but not the title of “Leader.” Your organization can give you the power to manage, but not the power to lead. Permission to lead comes from subordinates, not from superiors.

So what is a leader to you? List the characteristics which you believe will boost collective energy and performance. Authentic? Insightful? Credible? Trustworthy? Fair? Supportive? Accountable? Drive? Consistent? Then behave that way.

Soon those who agree with you will follow your lead and you’ll be a leader. If they don’t, you’re not.

It’s that simple.

Welcome to the nonsense divide.