#43: Get Lost To Get Fresh

Today I avoided being ambushed on the way to work. And I am sure that tonight I will avoid an ambush going home.

I have become pretty good at finding different ways to and from work. Fear made me do it. Fear of what? Fear of what too much sameness can do. Fear of not really seeing my surroundings, fear of not being “in the moment”, fear of going mentally and emotionally stale.

You know the feeling. You arrive at work without remembering the drive.

My son once asked why I zig-zagged home. “Because of the baddies,” I said. “Now they never know where to ambush me.” The game stuck.

You should play it too. Play it to avoid turning into a zombie. Getting lost driving to work is the surest way to find a fresh perspective on life.

As a bonus, you will be more creative and productive.

So go on. Get lost!

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.