#40: Trying To Be Glum Is Too Much Fun

Sometimes, I admit, happy chappies with their fake smiley faces and their ‘have a nice day’ choruses annoy me into grumpy retorts. But there’s good news. I think I’ve found away to snap out of it. My grumpiness, that is.

Happiness gurus tell you to choose your attitude, to be happy, don’t worry. Well, I think you should do the opposite. For one day put on your grumpy face, look unhappy and glare at anyone who dares to smile at you.

For one whole day wipe the smile from your dial and put a frown on your face. Yes, even when someone is genuinely nice or a joke really funny.

There is one rule, though. Don’t be rude. That is a frown too far.

Why is this good news? Because there is no way you can make it through the day without cracking a smile. Trying to be glum is just too much fun.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.