#39: Can the Bad Then Raise the Praise

We have lots of bamboo drying in our yard, which makes me misty-eyed thinking of my school days. No, I don’t miss them. My tears come from remembering being caned whenever Teacher wanted to exercise his batting arm.

It seems that every generation repeats the same old debate: should we reward good behavior or punish bad?

Fifty percent of adults believe that to influence a child’s behavior for the better, we should encourage the better behavior instead of punishing the bad. All other adults believe that punishment works quickest.

What about at work? As a manager, should you focus on good or fixate on bad? Always fixate on bad.

Remember, adults at work, unlike kids at home, can pack up and leave. This is exactly what your good people will do if they must constantly deal with bad, whether bad work, bad behavior or bad attitude.

So can the bad before you raise the praise.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.