#38: Become a Bigger Who As You Shrink Your What

There is nothing like applying for a life insurance policy for forcing you to face the reality of what you have become. Suddenly you find yourself being judged by a stranger. Embarrassed, you feel compelled to defend your habits, your lifestyle and your waistline.

By now you know there are only three ways of changing. By adding, subtracting or redesigning. I have gone through the adding phase and now I am trying hard to change by subtracting what I so easily added on.

Redesign is not an option; in many ways, physically, I am what I am. It is this What that a life policy aims to insure, the very part that I cannot easily redesign.

Well, actuaries are wrong! My value is not in my What, but in my Who. And I have the power to redesign the Who I am.

I can still become a bigger Who, even as I shrink my What.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.