#32: If You’re Slipping on Uncertainty, Follow Your Heart

I am grateful to Sigmund Freud. He has helped me out of many a predicament by giving me a socially acceptable excuse. “It’s my mother’s fault. She didn’t potty train me.”

Of course, he has also gotten me into trouble by creating the Freudian Slip. I know he didn’t create it, but he should have kept quiet about it. At least he made up for that slip up by giving us the mother of all excuses. So Mr. Freud wins one and loses one.

However, he came up with a real winner when he suggested a method for dealing with uncertainty and decision-making. Here’s what he proposed.

All small decisions, if you know the facts, should be dealt with consciously. But in large matters, where facts are missing and things uncertain, you must follow your heart.

But then, it’s in following my heart that I make Freudian slips.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.