#28: Let Them Make Excuses for You. Not Use You As the Excuse

Politics, it seems, is everywhere. Some optimists assume that politics is about governing by building alliances to influence citizens. That’s the politically correct definition.

For us on the receiving end, politics is about power over others using smoke and mirrors. Politicians are either too polite to use naked force or too illusive to intimidate. You decide which.

The same applies at the office, where it is labeled informal politics. It is supposedly a good thing because it helps you to get things done. Actually, it is a way of claiming success without being seen as the snake on the corporate ladder. But with limited room on the ladder, climbers make space by turning others into snakes.

How can you avoid this fate?

By building relationships, not alliances. By building the type of relationship where people make excuses for you, rather than use you as the excuse.

Welcome to the nonsense divide