#270: Make Assumptions Loudly and Clearly So That We Know What You’re Up To

I assume that by the time you read this, NASA’s latest rocket will be on its way for a trip around the moon and back. Assuming all goes according to plan.

(Well, you already know that it did not. Take-off as scheduled nor go according to plan. So much for assuming.)

If I say, “Don’t assume. You’ll make an ass out of you and me,” you will probably trip over the word ‘ass’. If you do, then you have made an incorrect assumption about the spelling of that word. And you would have proven the point I am about to make.

But first, a story. In 1998, the $125million Mars Climate Orbiter crashed onto Mars. Why? Because one group of engineers (Lockheed Martin) assumed that it was okay to use English units of measurement. Or as it has been called, “US customary units.” All other engineers (NASA) had already changed over to the metric system.

So, don’t make assumptions. I know, I know, in life and in business we must make assumptions because we don’t always have accurate knowledge.

Here’s what I suggest. If you must make assumptions, do so loudly, openly and clearly so that others know what you’re up to. Else they will label you an ass. A stubborn, stupid type of donkey.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.