#269: Thank Goodness Friday Puts You Closer to Monday

Many companies are compromising in the office fight. No, not the fight in the office. The fight about the office. Whether you work there five days a week or stay home five days a week.

The most popular compromise seems to be to stay away on Mondays and Fridays. Notice that I said “stay away”, not work from home. That’s because when I first went to work in an office, anyone who was sick on a Monday or on a Friday had to get a doctor to swear on paper that illness indeed caused the absence.

At least the following true story now makes more sense to me. It is about a quick-witted woman who linked Friday to Monday in a motivational sentence.

I chatted casually with a stranger a few years ago as we walked to her place of work. She was friendly and cheerful and seemed happy to be going to work. So I made some silly comment about her mood, to which she replied, “It’s Friday!”

This came as a surprise. She seemed so pleased to be at work. And so I suggested it is not always a good idea to admit to a stranger that you are excited about a day because it is a one step removed from your weekend away from work. She was quiet for a moment and I thought I had offended her. Then she said, “But I like Friday because it puts me closer to Monday.”

Wow! What a clever comeback! Or was she being serious? I think she was. Her attitude made that clear.

Tell me, when was the last time you wanted to be closer to Monday?

Yes, I know. When your boss told you to stay home on Mondays and Fridays.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.