#266: Know Yourself To Stop the Shaking

I recently bit into a juicy, ripe fruit. Have you also been so lucky? Mine was a peach. I mean the fruit was a peach. Although the peach was a peach, if you know what I mean.

By fruit I don’t mean the ones incarcerated in cans, or the ones frozen in time, or pulped into puree, or juiced into bottles. I mean the ones with skin/peel/rind and pip/pit/stone, the ones that drip and mess. Completely au naturel.

As the sweetness dripped down my chin, I shook, rattled and rolled. With pleasure.

Have you ever watched how fruit, vegetables, eggs and other widgets are graded by size and shape on an automated conveyor system? They shake, rattle and roll along until they fall through a gap that matches their size and shape.

And once through the gap, things suddenly calm down. No more shaking going on. Just a smooth ride to the exit. Because they have found their niche. They have found where they belong.

Some days I think we are on a similar conveyor system that shakes us as we roll along. The longer we roll, the more rattled we become. The only way to stop the shaking is to take the gap.

Who are the ones who take the gap quickly? Those who find out early on who they are.

If you don’t like being shaken, rattled and rolled, then take the gap. But first you must know yourself well enough to know where you belong.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.