#262: Redundant Communication Gets Nagging Results

(Why do people repeat lies and other falsehoods? I don’t mean repeat as in ‘share,’ but as in passing it on, over and over. I’ll tell you why. Because it works. At least as propaganda and other forms of perverse persuasion.)

It’s Saturday morning, you have a list of must-be-dones and your dear old side-kick is still sound asleep. Try this. Become a deliberate, redundant communicator.

Research has finally shown that your mother was right all along. According to professors Neeley, Leonardi and Gerber, redundant communication gets results. Redundant communication gets results. Redundant communication gets results. Do you hear me now?

Redundant communication happens at work when you bombard your team with the same message over and over. Yes, if you try that at home, it’s called nagging.

By the way, how clearly you express yourself matters less than how often you repeat yourself. In other words, it’s not the message, stupid. It’s the frequency of bombardment.

Now repeat after me: Nagging does work, but only when it’s called redundant communication.

And it does not matter what you say again and again. It matters that you say it again and again.

Got it?

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.