#258: Your Ignorance Should Engage You, Not Glaze You

Here’s a funny thing about executive meetings. Trivial decisions often take longer to resolve than critical issues. Is the car policy really more important than customer complaints?

I think executives, like us, argue for hours about carpet colors, desk sizes, and chair designs because these are physical objects that we all understand. But when it comes to the big issues of Real Business, then we know there are people in the room who are more expert than us.

And so we keep quiet instead of staying involved. Our fear of sounding ignorant shuts us down instead of firing us up.

As an executive, you should get fired up when a strategic issue that you know little about is up for discussion. Your ignorance should engage you, not glaze you.

If the issue will have a big impact on results, then get fired up. If it will not, then shut up.

Yes, the last point applies to all meetings. With or without executives.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.