#250 Fire Everyone. Except Your Star Performer

It seems to me that March Madness is more than a March affair. Star performers are idolized every month, every week, every day, whether in sport, business, politics or the local sandbox. Madness indeed.

Or fire your star performer and see others shine

Oh, for Pete’s sake. Will this star gazing never end? I am so tired of individual players being worshiped as if they “built this themselves.”

If star players are really so good and the other players so useless, then fire the non-stars and let the star play on his or her own. You will save a ton of money and effort on not having to deal with all those unnecessary employees.

It is not as if we don’t already know the truth about star gazing. A star player is only as good as the supporting team; the super salesperson is only as good as her admin support; the CEO is only as good as the employees holding him up; the president is only as good as the citizens who voted.

Look up at night, people! A star only shines brightly if all the others go out.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.