#25: Leadership Tricks For a Summer Holiday

Are you one of those executive types who simply cannot shrug off the leadership mantle on your day off? Then try these tricks.

First, aim lower. On a day of rest, don’t set your sights too high. There is no need to. I have learned at great personal cost that the world will not end if I lower my standards. Living up to lower standards makes the next trick a piece of cake.

Slow down. Find time to procrastinate. If you dilly dally, someone will run out of patience and do whatever needs doing. You have no idea how much stress I’ve saved myself this way.

After you’ve lowered your standards and taken your time, try this one for fun. Don’t put off until tomorrow what your spouse can do today.

Once you’ve mastered these tricks at home, try them at the office. You’ll find you have much more energy for golf or fishing.

Every day.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.