#159: Why We-the-Insecure Are Led By Bravados on Display

What do we value in a leader? Surely, we want a leader who presents himself like a leader, who makes it clear who is in charge, who makes her voice heard, who has energy and drive.

However, if you analyze those characteristics carefully, you will realize how similar ‘presents like a leader’ is to ‘ego on a pedestal’, how similar ‘in charge’ is to ‘need for control’, how similar ‘making voice heard’ is to ‘poor listener’, and how similar ‘energy and drive’ is to ‘impatience with others’.

There is a fine line between what we think a leader should be and what is merely bravado on display. The line is so fine that I am no longer surprised by how often we are led by the obviously insecure.

After all, we are attracted to leaders who reflect who we unconsciously are. And it is thus that we create leaders in our own image.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.