#106: Your Success Depends On Your Choice of Effect

Do you do things for effect or do you do things for effect?

This is an extremely important question, so please take your time. It is such a critical question to ponder that I will now pause for effect.

[pause] . . . . [play]. Or if you prefer [stop reading] . . . . [read].

To help you decide, I’ll ask the question differently. Do you do things mainly to impress others, or do you do things to accomplish something of consequence?

One effect is not necessarily better than the other. The secret to picking the right effect depends on what you are aiming for. If you want to land the equivalent of a one night-stand, then by all means go for the effect that impresses. However, if you want an ongoing relationship, at home or at work, then aim for the effect that results in meaningful outcomes.

Here’s my point: Your choice of effect determines whether your success is flash-in-the-pan or sustainable.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.