#47: Your Goal Has a Gap Between Promised and Delivered

Who do you admire most? The person who tells you he plans to lose 20 pounds or the one who has already lost weight?

And yet, we have been conned into believing that shouting a goal will force us to achieve it. Or risk being embarrassed.

This is simply not correct. There is a huge gap between ‘going to’ and ‘having done’. It’s called the credibility gap or the reality gap, depending on which side of the gap you are on.

Remember, talk is cheap, unless you’re using a cell phone. Cell phones have no wires connecting them to networks. They work by magic. The same applies to your goal. Unless your goal is grounded in reality, you will rely on magic, which will cost you.

So focus your energy on doing before talking. Then you’ll be on the side of the gap called ‘delivered’ and not stuck on the side called ‘promise’.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.