#50: You Will Fail Unless You Check the Order of Things

One day I watched a waitress wave her cleaning wand over a table and chairs. Although she did a magical job, she ultimately failed to prepare the site for the next patrons.

As with much in life, it’s all in the order of things. Sequence matters. In the beginning was not the end. The waitress I watched appeared not to know this.

She cleaned all the chairs, first. Very nicely, I do admit. Then she wiped the table. Again, nicely done. Except, and it’s a big except. Many of the crumbs and some of the grub from the table were now scattered on the previously cleaned chairs.

Here’s the real magic in that moment. She did not notice.

Because she got the order wrong, excuse the pun, she failed to deliver. Thanks to her, I am now very aware that unless we check the order of things, we will fail to deliver.

There is no magic in that.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.