You Don’t Have To Like To Love

Insight #307

Just because we look alike doesn’t mean that I like him. (Created by Roare)

. . .

Who is the teacher, the parent, or the child? The answer is obvious, you think, until you become a parent. Then you enter the gray zone, and not only from a lack of sleep.

Can you love someone without liking them? You might think the answer is obvious. Until your children turn into teenagers. Love, yes. But like? Sometimes that’s asking too much.

And that’s when you finally understand the love-your-neighbor lesson you got in Sunday School. Religions and philosophies don’t ask you to like your neighbor. They command you to love your neighbor.

I had not always liked my colleagues at the various places I worked. But I often loved what we achieved as a team.

Today I find myself not really liking some of my fellow citizens based on their politics. But I am old enough to know that disliking matters little, as long as it reminds us we have neighbors to love.

And so I try, I hope I do, to use my many dislikes to make me…. No, not lovable. Wiser.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.

. . .