#186: You can change history-in-the-making

But Not After the Big Day

Pity poor Santa. He and his team of elves are forced to work harder and harder every year because every year there are more children to please. And every year they must wait in suspense for that one Big Day to learn whether their performance was good enough.

Sound familiar? Yes, it is your average corporate performance appraisal system. Every year you are expected to do more and more with less, but you are only told once a year whether you were good enough during the year.

You are expected to get better according to something called continuous improvement. Yet, your manager and your common or garden variety HR department don’t understand why you need to know how you are doing while you are still doing it. While you can still change the result.

Dear Manager and HR, let me explain. It is easy to change history in the making, but it is impossible to change history after the Big Day.

Just ask Santa.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.