Trigger Questions

Will you lie if asked whether you lied?

Trigger Question #130 — reading time: about 1.1 minutes

Sadly, we are growing too used to political lies. Yes, politicians have always had an unseemly casual relationship with Truth. But today, the untruths are blatant, transparent, and easily exposed. And yet falsehoods flourish. In public.

Should you now expect more lies at work? Yes. Because lies told in Washington, no longer stay in Washington.

What are you doing to ensure that lies don’t become the norm in your organization?

  • Do you manage for honesty? If so, how? With sticks or carrots?
  • Do you deal with dishonesty? If so, how? Swiftly or do you rationalize endlessly?

You will find it easier to answer those questions if you can answer the following two without vacillating:

  • Is fudging the same as lying?
  • Is taking an office pen home the same as stealing?

Whatever your approach to dealing with dishonesty at work, don’t forget that you are human. And being human, you share in the unique human talent for rationalizing unacceptable behavior. You might even rationalize that rules you made don’t apply to you.

But if you are the boss, then that is a lie too far.

Your Friday Trigger Question:

Will you lie if asked whether you lied?

Welcome to my side of the nonsense truth divide.