Trigger Questions

What Wise Thing Did You Do?

Trigger Question #9

Am I old enough to be wise enough?

. . .

No doubt, we are living in trying times. You should try making decisions in trying times! Oh, you have.

Well, at all times, we must know our “right” from our “wrong.” But during trying times, it is critical that we also know our “wise.” In other words, we must know the wise thing to do, not just the right thing to do.

Why does it matter? Well, first consider these questions: Could something right in one situation be wrong in another? Could something right in one culture be wrong in another? Could right and wrong be time, place, and event dependent?

Possibly, yes. If we acknowledge that right can be subjective. And so can wrong. Wise, on the other hand, goes beyond mere right and wrong. (As does Truth, but that’s another fact.)

Sometimes, when you do the wise thing, you will be wrong today, but right tomorrow. Because wise is a long-term “right.”

To find the wise thing to do, think this way. “Based on experience and knowledge, current circumstances and events, and factoring in future hopes and dreams, what is the wise thing to do today?”

Wise comes from knowing what longer-term outcomes matter.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.

. . .