#188: Update Yourself Before You’re Outdated

One reason why things get out of control, things like personal goals and national policies, is that we have a nasty habit of getting stuck in the past. We stay committed to a course of action when new information warns us not to. We hang in when we should let go.

Here are four reasons why we do so: (1) we seek information that supports our own argument, and to discount information that does not; (2) we distort information so it appears more in line with our thinking; (3) we think we will lose face if we publicly change our mind; and (4) we hang in because of the time, money and effort we have already spent.

The surest way to get beyond stuck is to update your beliefs and behaviors when faced with new information.

If you don’t or won’t update, you’ll be passed over or passed by.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.