Background to the Friday Trigger Questions

Below is the original motivation for the Weekly Trigger Questions, sent to clients on 19 February 2019. (Note: At that stage these were “Monday Trigger Questions.” All clients voted to have “Friday Trigger Questions” instead.)

  • I have four major reasons for nudging you every Monday with the questions you received yesterday: (a) I want you to think deeper and clearer about your situation; (b) by asking you to think about those questions and (c) by asking you to write your responses, you will become (even) more aware of what is happening around you; (d) and you will realize that you have far more power and control than you will admit to yourself.
  • I want you to record a week-by-week history of your experiences, your successes and failures, so that over time you can look back and (a) appreciate what you have achieved and (b) remember what you have learned. Time too easily fogs our mind into faulty recalls and so into repeated mistakes. (You may call it a journal, if you wish.)
  • If you share your weekly responses with me, you will help me help you. I stand outside your situation and thus can see it differently. I do not have to see it correctly, but I need to help you question your own understanding.
  • Together we can uncover patterns in your life, patterns that can make you more effective, and patterns that sap your energy. But we will only spot these patterns if we record the events and decisions that form them.

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