Friday Trigger Questions

The Friday Trigger Questions are for clients and paying subscribers only. However, older ones will ultimately be released to all readers. Scroll down to see which ones are available to read now. (Clients and paying subscribers know where to read all versions. Log in here.)

Note: tq# = trigger question number


tq35: Did you develop some disagreement this week?

tq34: Whose time did you waste?

tq33: Did you practice JIT or JIC management this week?

tq32: You saw the problem. You found the fix. But did you act?

tq31: Did you experience a nonsense divide this week?

tq30: Will you (still) dream big?

tq29: Did you plan your vacation this week?

tq28: Were you purposely ignorant this week?

tq27: What did you assume (incorrectly) about others this week?

tq26: Did you misinterpret reality this week?

tq25: Did you create sense or nonsense this week?

tq24: What tone of voice did you pick this week?

tq23: Was your justice visible this week?

tq22: Did you ask the right question this week?

tq21: Did you make your intentions clear?

tq20: Did you work on your Plan B?

tq19: What did you do when the going got tough?

tq18: Who stressed you this week?

tq17: Who had you covered, but got your back up?

tq16: What thing left undone disrupted your day?

tq15: Were you a skeptic this week?

tq14: What Did You See Differently?

tq13: Were you aiming to win or trying not to lose?

tq12: Did you remember Feedback and Appraisal?

tq11: How did you treat others this week?

tq10: What’s your attitude now that your vote is history?

tq9: What wise thing did you do this week?

tq8: Did you drop any history this week?

tq7: Did you pick the right mask for the moment?

tq6: Did You Zoom Out to Recharge?

tq5: Did you follow your heart?

tq4: What did you worry about?

tq3: Your Trigger Question: What is it good for?

tq2: Did you argue to win or did you argue to be right?

tq1: Were you prejudiced this week?