Today Is the Start of Your New Honeymoon

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When does forgiveness trade places with blame? (free public domain:

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The New Year is already so yesterday.

Actually, every day is the start of a new year. But we like to forget that, don’t we?

We prefer to wait 300-and-something days for a ritual that will energize us to kick off a few grand resolutions. Even though we know that said energy will peter out within weeks, setting us up to wait out the next 300-and-something days for the ritual to come around again.

Do you know what this custom reminds me of? The 90-day honeymoon rule.

According to the 90-day rule, the success you enjoy today is not the result of what you do today, but of what you did 90 days ago. So, if, like me, you did very little 90 days ago, then you will enjoy very little success today.

Yes, the 90-day period is the same time frame as the three-month honeymoon period. During this honeymoon, we give a newly appointed person, such as a CEO, some leeway to find her feet. We readily forgive minor mistakes.

But may the devil help her, or him, after the honeymoon!

I don’t care whether the 90-day rule exists, or whether it should be thirty days or three. Nor do I care about the length of your honeymoon. What matters is when forgiveness and blame trade places.

Forgiveness is the passion during the honeymoon. Blame is abundant after 90-days.

But guess what? Another 90-day honeymoon starts every morning.

As long as you have the audacity to forgive, and the sense to balance blame.

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Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.

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