The March of Madness in the Land of Free Speech

Insight #331

The Big Guy, unaffected by the Madness around him, kept Marching on.

. . .

I arrived in the USA many years ago at the start of March madness. This did not bother me. March madness is simply the breeding month of the European hare. Hares breeding madly, or rabbits rutting, held no interest for me. And, of course, I had landed in the USA, not Europe. I was safe.

Safe, but bewildered. Because, I was told, it’s March Madness, with a big letter M.

Time out. I am bemused by how many words and phrases in the land of free speech are not free, but owned by corporations. Scientific phrases like true north, kitchen terms like super bowl and biology terms like March madness, can be subject to legal scrutiny.

Methinks being bracketed by corporate laws in March is madness. Ha! I’m safe from corporate lawyers, because I added a word in between March and madness. And I used a little M.

Okay, where was I? Oh yes, being bewildered by March Madness with a capital M. I found out that March Madness in the USA involves, not rabbits or hares, but very tall people running backward and forward, bouncing a ball back and forth. This rapid to-and-fro somehow results in each team collecting, on average, over sixty points each. And all this rapid back-and-forth lasts only 40 actual minutes!

Here’s why I am bewildered. I come from a land where average-height people also play a game with a ball. But this game often stretches to five days without either side able to claim victory. It’s called cricket.

Forty minutes versus five days. Madness, indeed.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.

. . .