#216: Success Flows When You Are Intentionally Deliberate

You probably know a few people who (still) intend, one day maybe, to be vaccinated. But here’s the catch. The mutating virus isn’t intentional. It is deliberate.

If you don’t like that introduction or if it makes little sense to you, consider this statement. Procrastination is the deliberate outcome of intentional.

And if that still sounds like nonsense to you, then blame my friend “L”. She had me confused at first when she explained her lack of intentions. I suggest you deliberate on what she said:

Some time ago a friend told me that she is now deliberately without intentions. Confused, I asked her to clarify. She explained she is deliberate in what she does, and no longer has intentions to do.

After many months of subconscious mulling, it finally makes sense to me. Intentions are always a commitment, a promise to do something in the future. It involves thinking and planning now to create, hopefully, an outcome later.

On the other hand, if you do something deliberately, you are doing so fully conscious of your doing. You are not doing so by chance, but with full realization and awareness at the moment, here and now. (Because you have already done your careful consideration.)

Intention is future focused, whereas deliberate is in the moment. Intention is promise, deliberate is delivery.

Thus, success comes from being intentionally deliberate instead of being deliberately intentional.

I think.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.