#59: Speed Up

To Slow Time

As we slide to the end of another year, that question pops up again. Is time speeding up?

Of course it is!

It’s simple. The older you get, the faster time ticks as it runs out for you. But for a child, the same year can feel like an age unto itself.

Why is that? Because of the nature of history.

When I was very young, I had no history. Yet, I was furiously creating points of reference to anchor time. Each age was punctuated by its own unique first. First swim, first school, first kiss, first car, first job, first this, first that.

I’m much older now, with a history of many experiences. Yet, I’m beginning to repeat myself. Every year is a blur of sameness. No wonder they pass so fast.

Here’s the trick to slowing time. Speed up by doing something new and exciting.

Go on. Try it.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.