#125: Rough Becomes Smooth and So Should You

Take a look at pebbles in a stream. Which ones do you like, the smooth, round ones, or the sharp, rough ones?

Now take a look at your colleagues at work. Which ones stand out, the well-rounded ones or the sharp ones?

Yes, things do get done really well when people use their strengths. So it makes some sense to focus on your strengths and to ignore your weaknesses. After all, you cannot be an Olympic swimmer if you are built for jumping hurdles.

That applies mostly at work. Consider accountants and marketers. There is a reason why they behave differently. They are different on purpose for a purpose.

But remember this. Your strengths might make you a superstar in one special area. Yet, those same strengths might make you a dysfunctional manager, parent or spouse.

No wonder Life appreciates it if you knock off your sharp edges and become a bit more rounded.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.