Rightly Fearful of Thinking a Box Too Far

Insight #335


Thinking careful thoughts inside your little sandbox. (Created with Microsoft Copilot)

. . .

One of my favorite nonsense ideas is… think outside the box.

Come on! (Or, if you prefer, yeah, right!) From day one, your boss made it his mission, with help from HR, to keep you in the box of your job description. They pay you to do as told, not to think!

Alright, alright, maybe they expect you to think. But within the frame of your little sandbox. Not beyond its borders.

Don’t blame your boss. It’s the hierarchy. Surely you’ve noticed how those higher up become uncomfortable when someone lower down thinks at the level of a higher box.

But then a new bit of nonsense pops up. The command to… wait for it…, innovate!

Now they expect you to spout not one, but many new ideas. The higher-ups even plead with you to think outside your box.

But of course you won’t.

You continue to think careful thoughts because you remember what happened the last time you thought a box too far.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.

. . .