Reality Is for People Who Cannot Fake Feeling Festive

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During merry times, “reality” becomes even more surreal. (free public domain:

Years ago I saw this bumper sticker: Reality is for people who cannot handle drugs.

That is so 1960s that I will now update it for our time. It’s quite a list.

Reality is for people who cannot handle video games, texting, social media, streaming, virtual meetings, working from home, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, laptops, smart phones, e-readers, tablets… Tablets? How did we get back to drugs?

I’ll tell you how. We got back to drugs because many of us take tablets and other potions to help us cope with the unintended consequences of reality.

Our dependence on technology creates the illusion that we are in control. Hence, we happily forget that human actions invariably trigger more than one outcome. And thus can have startling results.

Accidents happen when things go wrong, but unintended outcomes happen when thinking goes wrong. Our thinking goes wrong because we are too easily seduced by the imaginary as a hedge against reality.

Especially during merry times, when “reality” becomes even more surreal. Which is why I conclude that reality is for people who cannot fake feeling festive.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.

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