Promote Your Time Frame To Be Promoted

Insight #334

See the future, be the future. See today, stay that way. (Created with Microsoft Copilot.)

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Tell me, what is your time frame in your current job? You don’t know? Well then, maybe that’s why you are stuck on that rung with no promotion in sight.

The reason the organization structure is a pyramid is so that those up high can see more and see further. Well, the reverse also applies. The further into the future you can think and operating, the higher up you will climb on the corporate ladder.

Dr. Elliott Jaques uncovered this way back in the 1950s. His research showed that manager-types tend to be capable of managing effectively over a one-year period. Senior managers can handle two-year time frames comfortably, general managers five years and vice presidents up to ten years.

And CEOs? Well, they should be able to think and strategize in terms of ten to twenty years.

“Now, wait a minute,” you say. “What about change? Look how fast everything is changing today.” Funny you should say that. That’s what my grandma used to say. And I often wonder whether Adam complained about all the changes that Eve triggered.

“Maybe so,” you say, “But it’s just not possible to think and strategize and plan years ahead.”

Oh, hang on. I think I see why so many organizations are stuck in short-term turmoil.

Welcome yo my side of the nonsense divide.

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