Please Stop for Full Stops Under Question Marks

Insight #338

“How dare you ask me who wants to know?” (Created with Microsoft Copilot)

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Do you often answer a question with a question? If so, you’re a question dodger. Question dodgers question back because they don’t know the answer to the question asked. Or they are unsure how to answer the question.

Maybe they want to hide the truth by not answering. Possibly they are playing for time, to dream up an appropriate response. Else they are trying to be funny. Or all of the above reasons.

When you respond to a question with a question, you probably react quickly because you don’t intend to answer. So you leave no pause between question and question. For example, you immediately respond with, “Why do you ask?”

If this rapid response is your style, then I have a question for you. Why is there is a period under the curve of the question mark? Why a full stop and not, say, a comma?

“Why do you ask?” Because I want to know if you know. But based on the speed of your “Why do you ask?” I assume you don’t know. So I’ll tell you why.

Because you should stop… after you have asked a question. If you don’t shut up after asking a question, then how can the other person respond?

So, pause. Beathe. Be quiet.

And if someone asks you a question? Then pause, breathe, be quiet. Even if only for a second or two. Maybe then your response will not be an automatic stalling question. Like “Who wants to know?”

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.

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