#99: Nothing Happens Until You Make a Move. Any Move

Chess is interesting. Yes, that antiquated board game where little figurines are moved manually without any electronic help or interference.

Did you know that of the thirty-two pieces, only one of two pieces may be used to begin the game? Yet, that first move, which then triggers a series of moves, can be identified as one of the one thousand three hundred and twenty-seven recognized opening sequences.

Wow! One piece, one move.

To begin the game, pick one of two pieces. Make your first move. Watch as your opening move triggers a series of recognized moves.

Actually, that’s just like life. Nothing happens until you make a move. Your choice of first move is often limited. Yet, it sets in motion a series of actions that in looking back seem so obvious.

So, go on, make your move. And don’t be scared. That move has been used before, many times.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.