Nonsense Judgement

You are a cognitive miser. So am I. We all are.

A cognitive miser is mentally lazy. We do the minimum amount of mental work we think necessary. To deal with the information overload, we use mental short-cuts and simple decision-making rules to rapidly make deductions and draw conclusions. The problem with using mental short-cuts is that we make up our minds without considering all relevant information.

Mental laziness leads to pre-judgment. We judge before we should. We are not yet ready to judge because we haven’t considered all the information; we don’t yet have all the data; we haven’t thought deeply enough.

Do you know what pre-judgment leads to? Prejudice.

Prejudice happens because we are too lazy to do the work required to make proper judgments. We often dislike or distrust people, things, situations, events, simply because we are cognitive misers.

What does mental laziness, pre-judgment and prejudice create?

Really stupid decisions.

And bad outcomes.