Nonsense Discovered

What is nonsense to me might not be nonsense to you.

Nonsense is purely subjective: you are likely to see ‘nonsense’ when you disapprove of it. (For example, you might disapprove of the word ‘bullshit’, although others commonly use it to indicate nonsense.)

Nonsense just is, but sense must be uncovered, grasped and held tight. There is always some sense in nonsense. If you know how to look for it. (You do realise, don’t you, that you cannot say ‘nonsense’ without saying ‘sense’.)

Once upon a time a lioness changed me. That’s right. She charged me and that changed me. Here she comes:

On the same day, I had to run with elephants. That’s right (again). I had to first run with them so I could run away from them. Here they are, running. (Me? I’m already gone.)

Yep, nonsense happens.

And nonsense is often difficult to spot. Especially when you are look ahead for lions and elephants and not watching where your feet are landing.

Do you think dung beetle thinks he got hold of nonsense? Of course not.

And that’s a big lesson I learned in the African bush.