Special Offer

Non-Profit and Healthcare Workers

Benefit From Working With an Experienced Coach/Advisor

Virtual coaching sessions of 60-90 minutes
Every two weeks (or more often if needed)

Valid from 15 June 2021 to 31 December 2021

My reasons for the offer:

  • In a competitive capitalist society, non-profits are not only needed, they become critical.
  • When a society does not value the health of all citizens and does not understand that inadequate healthcare impacts all citizens, healthcare workers suffer additional stress and anxiety.
  • It’s always lonely at the top. Executive Directors and other leaders in non-profits and healthcare benefit by having a coach/advisor, someone with whom they can have confidential discussions to explore and resolve issues.
  • People and strategy issues are difficult to deal with on your own. (Colleagues often make for unsuitable devil’s advocates. An outside perspective can make a difference to your solutions and to your peace of mind.)
  • I specialize in helping executives and managers make the nonsense-at-work work for them. Try me.

The Cost: $10 - $180 per session (You decide how much to pay)

Why not free?

Free does not work. You will not take me seriously.

Why a range?

Don’t let cost be the reason you don’t try the benefits of working with a coach/advisor. (I outline my reasons for the offer above. There is no reason for you to feel you are taking advantage of me. And, if you must know, I am old and wise enough to give back.)

Why $10 min?

$10 per hour is still a common (disgraceful) minimum wage.

Why $180 max?

That is my current maximum non-profit rate.

Or contact me direct: james@nonsenseatwork.com (804) 240 2715

Your Coach/Advisor: James McIntosh
(ex-CEO; ex-Executive Director; Independent Executive Leadership Coach and Advisor since 1990)