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Do you often feel trapped and frustrated by the nonsense at work?

Do my nonsense ideas resonate with you?

If so, you are one step away

from a free eBook that could help you

For years I have been sharing my nonsense at work with you via blogs, podcasts, newsletters, articles and even via select regional radio stations.

But that is passive sharing. I now want to be more active. I want you to share your insights with me directly.

I would greatly appreciate being able to chat with you for 15-30 minutes to learn more about your experiences with nonsense at work — obstacles, frustrations and irritations; things that stop you being successful, promoted and happier at work.

What say you? Shall we schedule a time to talk? If you are willing (I hope you are) please click on a link below:

Insights only (15-30 minutes)

For this option, please book a time you like here:

Coaching and insights (1 hour)

You can ask me for advice as we discuss your insights (mini free coaching session).

Please book here:


What’s in it for you?

You will get a PDF ebook of my interpretation of the key insights from my interviews, additional relevant ideas for you to act on, and an explaination of how I will use the insights in my next Big Project.

P.S. If you would rather not chat with me, but know someone who would be willing to talk, please send them to this web page. Or tell me who they are and I will contact them.