#218: You’ll Be the Odd Lot for Sale If You Flow Against Change

Years ago I saw this bumper sticker: Reality is for people who cannot handle drugs.

Well, when I look at reality today and I see what I believe to be real, then I wonder what some people are smoking. And I want some of that because there sure is much comfort in denial.

While we’re on the topic of De Nile… No, it’s not a terrible pun. It is a segue to where I am going next. Please keep up.

Denial makes me think of The Nile (me being from Africa and all that), which makes me think of rivers, which makes me think of flowing, which, as always, makes me think of going with the flow. Or not.

(Thank you for keeping up.)

Let’s change how we look at change to see if we can change our attitude toward change.

Change is always about decision-making. You decide to accept the change or to fight it. Alternatively, you decide to make a change happen or you decide to unmake a change already happening.

We tend to use three decision modes. You can go with the flow, go with your gut, or go with your intellect.

You can resist change if your rational mind tells you to (intellect), or if your experience tells you to (gut). These are acceptable reasons for fighting change, because you will at least develop an understanding of the change.

But it is risky to resist simply because you don’t want to go with the flow. Because now you won’t bother to understand the change and won’t understand the outcome. You will be the unchanged odd one.

And odd lots are always up for sale.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.