How to surrender resolutions once and for all

Resolve to be less resolute before you read this

One year ago this week, in 2020, a butterfly flapped its wings and our world changed. We lost control. As if we ever had it.

The Year 2020 started off like many other years, full of fireworks and hangovers. And, of course, full of resolutions, those ritualistic commitments we feel compelled to make simply because of a certain day in the life of a year. And then each new day in the new year erodes our commitment little by little until the memory of the once-inspiring resolution is gone.

Of course resolutions don’t stick. We know that. Yet, every year we try again. I will give you four reasons why resolutions don’t stick to encourage you to dump your resolutions. And I will give you four words that represent these four reasons so you can remember them easily. The words are resolution, symbolism, unwrapping and flow.

I will also offer a solution. It’s a solution I have practiced on and off over many years. It has worked remarkably well with big events in my life. And yet I remained look-warm. But no more. It is time to surrender. Fully.

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