#116: Which Lead in Leadership Should You Use?

What do the letters “L E A D” spell?  Lead as in leader or lead as in heavy?

The answer is?


And so it is with leadership. Sometimes it means “to lead” and other times it means “to weigh down.” Sometimes it means “let’s go” and other times it means “slow down.”

A leader makes you want to do something. It is that wanting to, that self-desire, which makes the doing so much lighter. But an effective leader has the savvy to rein you in, to curb your irrational enthusiasm, to make you pace yourself so you don’t flame out before time out.

You will be a much more effective leader when you decide in advance which “L E A D” in leadership you should use in any situation: Lead to make lighter or lead to anchor down.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.