#148: How to Decide Between Success and Failure

We progressed from the abacus to the slide rule to the calculator to the computer, as beans became numbers became data became big data. And yet, decision-making has not changed much. Even with smart tools, executives, and you, must still weigh two key elements, namely personal values and performance numbers.

When the numbers predict success in harmony with our values, then the decision is easy to make. And when the numbers point to failure and our values are compromised, then the decision is also easy.

But when the numbers hint at success if we compromise our values, what then? And if failure will follow if our values prevail, then what? How do we decide?

Deciding will be easy if you truly know what matters most to you: success at any cost or integrity no matter what.

Failure hurts less if you don’t compromise your values. But success at the expense of values always leaves a bitter memory.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.