How it works

Being coached (by me) is actually very simple. But it isn’t always easy.

Here’s how it (often) works:

  1. You talk
  2. I listen
  3. We discuss, often using examples
  4. I arguing against your ideas (devil’s advocate)
  5. You counter argue
  6. We reach new insights
  7. We agree on action steps


Well, the point is to get you to see things differently. And then for you to act on your new insights.

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Reach out to James now:

Call him on: 1 – 804 – 240 – 2715

Email him: james @ nonsense at work dot com

Message him: on LinkedIn

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Who are my “typical” clients?

Anyone seeking promotion and/or job satisfaction. Managers and executives. Even new entrants to work life.

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Why do I focus on nonsense?

Because it stops you from being successful. (read more)

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Has this approach helped anyone?

Yes. But you don’t need to take my word for it. Read what my clients say.

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Do I know what I’m doing?

You decide, but first consider my practical experience.

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I also offer Executive Impact Coaching

This coaching is aimed at boosting your career by guiding you to be a more effective executive leader, capable of producing outcomes that matter across your organization.

And it comes with a bonus. You get more job satisfaction.

Find out how, including what clients say, at James McIntosh Coaching

More-Formal Coaching

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