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I have decades of presenting my ideas in short sound bytes or blog bites. And now my purpose with my promise is to help you see the sense in nonsense so that you can make the nonsense at work work for you. (Read it again. I’ll wait.)

James McIntosh – your Chief Nonsense Officer (CNO)

I was born in the middle of South African wine country, earned three degrees drinking red wine, was chased by a lioness, had to run with elephants, got bored, and moved to Richmond, USA seeking adventure.

That’s how I learned that nonsense just is, but sense must be uncovered, grasped and held tight. And that there is always some sense in nonsense. If you know how to look for it. (You do realise, don’t you, that you cannot say ‘nonsense’ without saying ‘sense’.)

I also learned, the hard way, that nonsense is difficult to spot.

Because what is nonsense to you might not be nonsense to someone else. It is purely subjective: you are likely to see ‘nonsense’ when you disapprove of it. (For example, you might disapprove of the word ‘bullshit’, although others commonly use it to indicate nonsense.)

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