Get Unstuck by Getting Lost in Seeing More

Insight #332

The first step to getting unstuck? Get lost.

. . .

Do you feel stuck? (Oh, special be the ones who don’t feel stuck now and then! Me? Never been that special.)

Do you want to get unstuck? Oh, weird are the ones who wallow in their stuck-ness! Me? Been that weird, yes.)

Would you like to know how to get unstuck and stay unstuck? Well, I know The Secret. Sort of. I’ll share it with you in two parts: the fun and the philosophical.

The Fun Way:

If you feel stuck, don’t blame the path that you’re on. Chances are that you are stuck because you are seeing and experiencing the same stuff, over and over, on that path. It is time for you to see more, and see differently, on the same path.

The trick to seeing more, and differently, starts in the mind. Familiarity breeds not only contempt. It also breeds expectation of sameness. You expect to see the same stuff on the path because the same stuff was there yesterday. And the day before. You are looking with “old” eyes. Your path has become a highway.

That’s why I practice these three silly steps to stay unstuck. Try them yourself:

Get lost: take a different route to work once a week.
Get uncomfortable: meet some truly weird (different to you) people once a month.
Get clear: watch a time loop movie (like Ground Hog Day) every few months to remind you what being stuck really feels like.

The Philosophical Way:

Many of us have been told… okay, maybe not many of us, but definitely those of us from the hippie era. So-called gurus told us that to get unstuck and to stay unstuck, all we have to do is… “find your path!”

Well, I have been on many paths, triggered by stuck-ness, and I can attest that the advice is sound. At the start of a (new) path, my progress was smooth. No stuck-ness. Just flow. Until.

Until I got stuck. Again.

Surely, stuck-ness comes from that ownership idea, the “your” path bit. Because once you “own” it, you won’t easily give it up. You won’t let go. Even when you are stuck.

Here’s what I have learned while walking my many paths, getting stuck and unstuck over and over in the process:

Your path matters less than what you see on your path.

That’s right. It’s not the path. It’s the walking.

Actually, it’s how you walk that matters. Because my initial way of walking got me stuck repeatedly. I walked “my” path with my eyes on the destination instead of eyeing the path and the scenery. I walked ahead of where my feet were landing, if you know what I mean.

Almost any path can unstuck you. The trick is to make it “your” path only for a moment, the moment of your first excited step. Then watch as you go, looking around with “new” eyes.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.

. . .