#89: Get Out, Get Fresh, and Get High

It’s time to get high.

All this stress and uncertainty, anger, and fear is driving me to it.

I used to live in a place where it was easy and cheap to get high and so I got high quite often. But where I live now, there are no mountains. Not even proper hills. Getting high here means first taking a drive.

Nevertheless, I will do it. Soon. Because nothing else I know puts things in perspective quite like sitting high on a mountain, where the fresh air blows in one ear and out the other.

When you’re that high, you can look into the far beyond and see forever.

Being able to see forever now and then greatly enhances your ability to carry on carrying on, because being able to see forever makes you realize that this too shall pass.

So do yourself, family and friends a favor. Get out, get fresh and get high.

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.