Expertise Alone Does Not Make You a Leader

Insight #325

Do you know why they follow you?

. . .

A lioness charged me. Once.

Let me assure you, once is enough. The experience changed me.

For one thing, it gave me an insight into leadership, an insight that matters much today. So let me explain.

Has a lioness ever charged you? No? Well, I guess that makes me the expert. And if a lioness suddenly appeared in your life, you will look to me for expert advice.

But the real question is this. Will you do what I say?

That, after all, is leadership. People look to you AND they follow you.

There you have it. The leadership insight I gained in the African bush. Just because I am the relative expert on charging lionesses does not make me the absolute expert.

Nor does it make me a leader.

Unless your trust in me, my expertise, overcomes your fear, your natural inclination to run, you won’t do what I say. You won’t follow my lead.

And as you will discover too late, it is not a good idea to run from a lioness.

Nor from your leadership problems. Not if others look to you because they need to follow you.

(For more on this topic, read To Escape the Lions, Be Good at Trust and Compliance.)

. . .

Welcome to my side of the nonsense divide.

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